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In this web site you find bellow several intelligent tests with the main purpose of enjoying and you can exercise your mental abilities.

The objective of this page is that visitor can discover creative tasks to exercise or train his memory capacity, logic reasoning, spacial ability or general intelligence. Many of the tests which you can do has related with factor G of intelligent, also known general intelligence. For example the matrices test is based in Raven test, one of the best tests to assess intelligence. Digit memory is related with working memory, one of the best predictors task to evaluate your learning capacity. Figures test measures spacial ability as well as logic reasoning. Differences has to do with perception skill, and it is also a funny test. Logic reasoning is another test to train your deductive intelligence and complete figures is a perceptual test also based in Raven exercises. As you can see there are several tests that you can perform for enjoying.

Thanks for your visit. We hope you enjoy with any test you want to do.


Complete figures
Matrices test
Digit Memory
Logic reasoning
Construct figures

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